2017 Start Information

Start: Bancroft Park (2408 W Colorado Ave)

Time: 7:00am

Finish: same place (sign out/in sheets will be available at the car until an undetermined time)

Important Course Changes for 2017:

1. Ute Pass Trail will be closed for trail work all the way up to Longs Ranch Road, so our only option is to pedal up Hwy 24. Not ideal, but unless we head up Barr Trail and take a long detour to Heizer descent into Cascade, it’s our only other option.

2. The usual Pipeline descent (FS668 to FS666) with the creek on your right is set to be decommissioned in September 2017. I haven’t heard about an exact start date, so just to be on the safe side, the suggested route is to go down Jones Park (FS667), left on FS776, and then right on FS666 to regain the usual descent. This will keep you off of Pipeline since there is not yet information on the exact start date in September. However, if you go down Pipeline, just make a note of that when you finish. We won’t worry about being too strict about which route is taken down with the uncertainty around the trail work being done. 

2a. NEW FOR 2017 – RE-ROUTE of Bear Creek descent/alternate to Pipeline – Check it out on Google Maps HERE!


3 thoughts on “2017 Start Information

  1. I am cool with doing extra on going up barr trail. Highway 24 doesn’t sound that fun but if that is what we have to do?

  2. The trail is in great shape! I rode up 24 to avoid the Ute Pass construction and ended coming down the new Pipeline reroute trail to Buckhorn. At this point I came down High Drive to Bear Creek. I have the official GPS file from the Ring the Peak group. I am not sure how to up load it here? I will email it to Ryan.

    1. Edward,
      Do you just head down 701 from Frosty’s and stay left until Jones Oark 667 take a right on that and down to buckhorn and 666?


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