Start Time & Place: Saturday September 7th, 2019 @ 6:30am

Bancroft Park
Soda Springs Park, Manitou Springs, CO

What: Ride around Pikes Peak on the Ring the Peak Trail system

Aid Stations: Not this year. We’ve experimented with this in the past, and it was fun to have as a change. But in keeping with the nature of this ride, we are going to be aid station-less again in 2019, so bring what you need for the entire loop! The Cripple Creek KOA is a great stop along the way.

Maps Suggested: Pikes Peak Atlas, Ring the Peak Trail System – maps available for download online or for purchase at Mountain Chalet in downtown Colorado Springs.

GPX of Suggested Route: Ring the Peak

NOTE: This is the 2016 version showing an older start/finish location in Old Colorado City. For the start in Manitou Springs this year, finishing there would mean just going West again via bike paths to re-connect with Bancroft Park. Look for an update of the 2019 finish.

The Ring the Peak 100(ish)k is an unofficial mountain bike challenge taking place in Colorado Springs, CO as part of the Colorado Endurance Series. This is not an organized race or sanctioned event. It is similar in format and spirit to events such as the AZTR 300/750, Hardcoere 100, and other self-supported events.

All that is provided is a commonly used route, a suggested start time and tabulation of finishing times provided by riders. There is no race organization, no checkpoints, no support system, nothing. You are completely on your own. The route description/maps page contains a few tips with regards to logistics (water, etc) and timing (the aim is to finish in one day).

You’re welcome to ride the route at any time. A suggested start date is provided if you want others to ride with/against. If you want your time listed with other riders on the blog, you will need to adhere to the Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Rules & Regulations  as listed here. You should also adhere to the guidelines of self supported travel as outlined in the SWES site. It is your responsibility to know, understand and follow these rules.

There are no rewards for completing this, except for the immense sense of accomplishment you should feel, the fact that you’ve been able to enjoy the glorious beauty of this vast and underappreciated land.

This is intended to be NON-COMMERCIAL, Recreational-Use Activities that are held on parts of USFS lands in compliance with USFS Special Use Rules and Regulations.

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    1. I hate to do this, but may need to look at another date for Ring the Peak because my wife is traveling and I’ll have the kids so getting coverage for the whole day will be hard. Would you be able to make Saturday 8/24 if I changed the date? Thanks! Ryan

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