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48 thoughts on “Registration

    1. Hey Chad, I think it’s going to be on this year. Just going to do the usual round of COVID-based practices. Hell, once we’re about 10 minutes into the ride we’re all nicely separated for the rest of the day! 🙂 🙂

  1. Really want to, I am running the Pike Peak Marathon for the first time on 8/23 (if they still have it), just wondering how I will feel to do this ride less then two weeks after my run? Definitely thinking about it?? Brian Gallant

    1. Awesome, Brian! Yeah if you take enough down time after the PPM, there shouldn’t be any question of your endurance for the ride. It’s more a matter of continuous forward progress on RTP. Just keep pedaling, eating, and drinking and you’ll be good to go!

  2. Ryan I am doing the SBFL on Saturday and Rafa is doing some safe distancing measures for this. I will let you know how it goes and feels! I am glad RTP looks to be on if everything goes as planned and continues to improve!

  3. Ryan,

    I accept your invitation and once again confirm my attendance at the aforementioned torturous event.

  4. Hi Brian, that’s right, there was one major turn that you bypassed that would have taken you up a really “fun” climb + hike-a-bike to regain treeline. Off Gold Camp Road you want to turn left on FS379 to go up to Bull Park. See the map here for the dropped pin:

    When you get up to the top of the road climb and pull into Bull Park (you know you’re there because it’s flat as a pancake compared to the climb), turn right and go up the steep, loose, climb (start walking) that you won’t want to go up after seeing it. It’s kind of long, super loose, but the views up top are amazing. Once there, follow the RTP signs on the most apparent dirt road and it will take you to a loose road descent away from Mount Baldy and that will eventually dump you into Foresters. That’s where the fun really begins as you descend Pipeline and 666 to High Drive.

    When you come out on High Drive, it’s a short descent, and then back uphill to climb Palmer Trail and begin the undulating trail back into Manitou Springs.

    Nice work getting around there! Taking the dirt road all the way back is almost harder in my opinion than adding in the additional climbing on the proper route, so good job completing that loop!

    1. Thanks and sorry for the confusion, that was not from my strava (I did not do that ride), it was from someone I found on strava while trying to search for anyone who had the full route on strava. But thanks for explaining that!

  5. And I know I was on the fence about taking part in the race or not, after running the Pikes Peak Marathon, but I have decided to give it a go so count me IN, thanks.

      1. Ryan,
        One other question for clarification, do we turn on pipeline and follow the ring the peak trail signs to the new route down to 666 or do we go straight after leaving frosty’s park? I have heard both ways get you to the new route to 666 but pretty sure that the signs point you to pipeline and it is a faster route? Just want to make sure everyone goes the same way. See you on Saturday.


      2. Will there always be a ring the peak sign at every turn off? If not, which ones won’t? Sorry, asking for a friend.

      3. Hey John, not exactly. The way I’ve experienced it is that you find a sign when you really need one. From that point on you would follow the most likely path until you reach the next sign. Sometimes it can feel like a long way between signs, but if you find that you’re doing a hard climb and then immediately get a rewarding downhill, you’re likely on the right track.

  6. Hey Chad, Yes, I believe it would be the same – Pipeline and the new route to 666 vs. straight after frosty’s park. So that would be FS 668 for Pipeline, and not going straight onto 701. Double check me just to be sure, but I think that’s the route that we took last year that put us on the new trail to 666.

      1. After looking at the GPX file I’m wondering why we don’t go up the steep UPT proper next to the incline? (there are RTP signs there)

  7. Can’t wait to do this tomorrow! Looks like great weather! Just confirming start time is 6:30am at Soda Springs Park in Manitou tomorrow 9/5/20?

  8. Hi Ryan, I was a few minutes late to the start this morning. I missed out on the route change, so I rode the 2019 course that was posted above. Not sure if it counts, but my time according to the Stravas was 8:16:20. Thanks!

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