MTB Project Route Map

NEW FOR 2018+ – Instead of descending High Drive all the way back down as in previous years, get ready to turn it back uphill shortly after finishing 666! We will take Palmer Trail back over to Manitou Springs in order to finish this one out.

Start Time: 6:30am at Soda Springs Park, Maintou Springs, CO
(parking can be tricky, so it’s good to park a bit farther from town where you can find a legal spot and ride over)

Elevation gain – 10,000 feet (give or take)
Max gradient – 49.4%
Distance – 63(ish)miles
Max Elevation – 11,287 feet above sea level

Water filtering locations are all around. There are a lot of streams and depending on how much moisture we get, you could have a lot of options or just a few. The best locations are:

1. Crags Campground (there is almost always a stream running through here unless it freezes)
2. Horsetheif Park (small stream here)
3. Spring on the side of Hwy 67 just before reaching the turn for Hwy 81
4. KOA Campground on Hwy 81
5. Gold Camp Road has multiple streams and bodies of water (watch for private property)
6. The rest of the route has streams and does provide for ample filtering opportunities.

Route Overview
The route is well marked. The basic idea is if you are continuing on a trail after following a sign, you probably won’t see a ton of additional signage on that trail – just keep going. You’ll come to another sign or junction with a marker soon enough. Follow the GREEN signs, NOT the brown signs.

RTP Sign – follow these and you can’t go wrong!
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