Ok folks, here are the official results for the 2012 Ring the Peak 100(ish)k!

First off, great job to all who showed up on that cold day. Everyone who finished has a finish time, and everyone who started and pulled out has a BA instead of DNF just because they are Bad Ass for getting that far through those tough conditions. All of the registrants who signed up and didn’t remove their names from registration are on Santa’s Naughty List.

2012 Results:

1. Pat Coady – 7:28

2. Chris Parks – 8:34

3. Seth Michael – 9:05

4. Rob Lucas – 10:50 (dropping 1:23 off his time from last year!)

5. Jim Fluharty-Cooper – 12:00 (dropping 50 minutes off his time from last year!)

6. Aaron Kimble – BA (pulled out in Woodland Park, and rode all the way down Highway 24 with a cutting wind)

7. Chris Ellefson – BA (got lost along the way)

8. Matt Monroe – BA (see below)

9. Dan Kurschner – BA (pulled out with Matt Monroe around the halfway point, but still huge coming back after all that uphill)

10. John Stergius – Super BA (on par for 12 hours, but had a tire failure, frozen phone, and 4 feet of visibility. Hiked out for 5 hours and made it back into Bear Creek! That’s how you do it!)

11. PJ Snow – BA (pulled out in Woodland Park)

12. Trent Hovenga – BA (called to let me know he was out, put in a great ride)

13. Jeff Smith – BA (last but not least, pulled out, but started and gave it a great go)


Enjoy the winter everyone!

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