Chad Kittles took the day with 6:58!

We had at least 18 starters, with a few that started earlier.

Check out the results below and if you don’t see your time, or if something looks off, send a message using the contact form below and I’ll get it updated for you!

The course was tough today – really washed out on many of the descents, especially Pipeline through 666! Great job to everyone who came out and got it done!

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Chad Kittles 6:58:00
Ryan Kohler 8:05:00
Kevin Kaucher 8:10:45
Patrick Yarbrough 9:08:00
PJ Snow 10:17:00
Patrick Taylor 10:17:00
William Adelmann 10:17:00
Dana Erickson 11:58:00
Jason Puleri 12:23:43
Tom Hoskins 12:23:43
Britt Batterton
Scott Johnson
Dave Sauer
Patrick Marley 10:17:00
Joe Wilkerson
Krynn Stegelmeier
Andrea Wilson
Charles Martin
JT Andrew
Trent Hovenga
Shaun Motley
Travis Wadeson  12:18:00
Scot Pinkerton  12:18:00
Paul Hamilton
Israel Estella  11:32:58
Jonathan Sampson  11:32:58
Steven Stankevitch
Jolene Hanson
Christie Adelmann
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